IUFoST - Reputation, Reach, Expertise and Experience

IUFoST is uniquely positioned to direct this initiative because it represents global competency and expertise in undertaking and delivering on multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects in research, education and curricula development in food science and technology:

  • IUFoST’s mission is ‘Strengthening Global Food Science and Technology for Humanity’. Its three main tenets are Food Security, Education and Food Safety.
  • It is the only representative of food science and technology to be elected to membership in the prestigious International Council for Science (ICSU).
  • IUFoST works through a multi-disciplinary approach with 170 national governments and a further 30 Unions in ICSU. Additionally, IUFoST collaborates with many other respected international organizations, including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO), CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research), and IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute).
  • IUFoST represents more than 300,000 food scientists and technologists from over 70 countries and five regional groupings: Europe (EFFoST), Latin America and the Caribbean (ALACCTA), South East Asia (FIFSTA) and Western Africa (WAAFoST) and the Middle East and North Africa (MENAFoST).
  • It has expertise fostering productive collaborative relationships between industry, academia and government officials to address food safety issues and initiatives.
  • IUFoST has authored a widely-used textbook on food science and technology and many related publications, in addition to providing education programs, including distance education. IUFoST has a number of programs underway to improve the safety and sufficiency of foods in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
  • IUFoST is experienced in responding to requests for assistance in the food safety area, and specifically in relation to curriculum. As a result, IUFoST also has already established an approval process for food science and technology curricula at the request of our regional group in the ASEAN region. The baselines and methodology are in place.


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