A Global Food Safety Curricula

Experts in the IUFoST-led group will set the core competencies of food safety undergraduate and graduate-level programming. Recognition and any development of programs adhering to the established global standard will begin according to the mechanisms set up by this group.

Determination of Core Competencies

Scientists and government and industry experts from many fields are collaborating with partners from across academia to examine and consider the core competencies needed at each level, which may include

  • Training certification from ongoing GFSP training programs as part of all programming.
  • Exposure to national and CODEX standards as part of all programming.
  • Development of communication skills.
  • Promotion of food safety in the community (through activities with schools from primary level).
  • Industry connections and involvement at all levels.
  • Additional focus on small and medium sized enterprises.     

Establishment and Implementation of a Recognition Process

Led by IUFoST, an approval/certification process of existing and future food safety programs will be developed and applied on a country-by-country basis. This will be accompanied by ongoing identification of gaps to determine where unmet needs exist, which will be addressed through the GFSP. Continued development of delivery processes will ensure sustainability. Internship programs established with industry and governmental agencies will help to foster the connections.

Development of a Master’s-Level Curricula and a Related Delivery Process