Benchmarking Global Food Safety Programming: The Surveys

Generating Global Data and Support

The GFSCI is an ambitious project, and each element involved offers unique challenges and opportunities in generating global support. In Phase 1, benchmarking the status of food safety programming generated survey input from as many cross-disciplinary sources around the world as possible. Survey data was a primary aid in identifying food safety programming gaps and assisted in the assessment of core competencies being undertaken by a expert committee and other apects, including those being reviewed by an industry panel.

An Academic Institution survey addressed the current status of food safety education from masters level to primary schools around the world, providing preliminary information on food safety programs and providers to generate detailed information on curricula and other aspects of programs at each institution. Another survey targeting Food-related Industry, Government and Non-Governmental Organisations gathered information on the nature of the organisations and the skills and education their employees require, as well as any food safety programming which they provide. Current food science and technology students also were invited to provide their insights through a survey dedicated to them.