Food Safety For All – Be Part of the Start

You care about food safety, and so do we. That’s why all current food science and technology students are invited to join the Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative (GFSCI) Student Community. The GFSCI will harness the power of education to improve food safety for all through a harmonized core curriculum providing students around the world with the tools they need to be part of global efforts to save lives and improve economic conditions for millions through global food safety as food safety professionals. Read more about the global concern and response to food safety here.


  • Responding to growing concerns about food safety around the world
  • About your profession – through a harmonized food safety core curricula, it will give food safety professionals what they need to ensure global food safety from farm to table
  • Reaching around the world to schools, government, industry - and students like you! 


  • Commissioned by the World Bank to lead the Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative
  • Foster collaborative relationships with multi-disciplinary global participants from across academia, industry, government and non-governmental organisations
  • Support and Implement the GFSCI


Be part of the start – join food scientists from around the world in support of the GFSCI

Get access to

  • experts in your profession through exclusive social 
media events
  • cutting-edge food safety and food science and 
technology information. As part of the GFSCI community, we’ll send GFSCI and IUFoST emails with the latest updates
  • information about what industry wants from graduates
  • new student initiatives