Food Safety For All – Support the Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative

The Global Food Safety Curricula Initiative (GFSCI) is reaching around the world to harness the power of education to improve food safety for all. All food science and technology professionals are invited to support this ambitious project, which will result in a harmonized core curriculum that will provide students with the tools they need to to save lives and improve economic conditions for millions around the world as food safety professionals.

Food Safety is a critical global issue which requires a multi-discliplinary and collaborative approach. The GFSCI is part of a global response, supported by the multi-stakeholder Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) and facilitated by the World Bank.

Connect and Be Connected:

  • Join the GFSCI Community: As part of the GFSCI mandate, we are compiling a database of food safety graduates and professionals from around the world as a resource for potential food-safety related purposes and projects. Be part of it by filling out the Graduate/Professional Database Form. It will be shared only if we receive a request from GFSCI-related organisations seeking food-safety expertise in your area
  • Spread the Word about the GFSCI
    • talk, text, tweet, facebook, email your contacts
    • let the next generation of food scientists know about the GFSCI – download and distribute the GFSCI poster and/or send out the e-postcard to food science and technology students
  • Follow the GFSCI